CGRF Considers $500,000 in Research

The Children’s Gaucher Research Fund (CGRF) is currently reviewing research proposals and is considering the funding of between $300,000 and $600,000 in scientific research. The dollar amount of funding will be dependent upon the quality and the compelling nature of the submitted proposals. The CGRF released a “Call for Research” on July 10, 2010, encouraging investigators from around the world to submit scientific research proposals in an effort to find a cure for neuronopathic Gaucher disease. Eleven research proposals were received from scientific laboratories in England, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, and the United States. Members of our Scientific Advisory Board as well as peer review from investigators outside of the Scientific Advisory Board are currently in the process of reviewing these proposals for potential funding.

In years past the CGRF has released similar “Calls for Research”, however the response in 2010 has far surpassed previous interest. This is a testament to the fact that science is accelerating – more is being learned about these brain diseases in children – and more scientific laboratories have an interest in pursuing avenues that may lead to a cure.

These advances in medical science are compelling, and it gives the CGRF further motivation to continue in our quest to raise funds to support this important research. It is your donations that fund this important research – donations can be made online at  We truly appreciate your continued support.

100% of donations received by the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund go directly to Medical Research.