To the Gaucher type 2/3 community

GT23 Foundation - Gaucher's Type 2/3

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At least 5 to 7 times a week, someone finds Hannah’s blog by searching “Gaucher type 2” or “Gaucher type 3” or some variation thereof.

Since she passed away in December 2011, I still receive emails from newly diagnosed families looking for support and information – and I am so glad to be able to be there for these families!

Please, please don’t be afraid to contact me if you are searching out information on Gaucher’s type 2 or 3.  Even though we lost Hannah, my resolve is just as strong to help other families who have children diagnosed with Gaucher’s.   Even if I can’t help you, we have such an amazing community of Gaucher moms and dads who are a wealth of support and information.

If you have a child with this diagnosis, you are not alone.  You just need to reach out to me so I can help you find the support and information you need, whether it is a specialist who understands Gaucher’s or another mom or dad just to reach out and ask questions and cry to.

FIND SUPPORT:  We have a private support active Facebook group where you can share your story, ask questions, and vent your frustrations – contact me for the link!  Sorry, no researchers, physicians, students, etc. will be added to this group.  Please also join us on our public Facebook page by clicking here.

We, the Gaucher type 2/3 community, may be a small one.  But we are a strong one, and we are a supportive one.   Just let us know you are out there.

Contact me if you want help, support, or a place just to “be” with other Gaucher families.