Favorite Hannah Videos (reminiscing time)

I have been getting so wrapped up in all the events for the next few days that I took some time going back through some of the videos of Hannah I have taken over the past two years.   She is so dang cute!   It is hard because I can see the disease progression just between these videos.   She has lost so many skills, especially fine motor skills.  I also miss hearing her voice like I could in the early videos before her trach.

In interest of fun, I want to share some of my favorite Hannah videos. If you aren’t on facebook with me, you can see a bunch more on our youtube page.

My all-time favorite video – 3 months old

In her exersaucer – 6 months old

Learning to babble – 9 months old (wish we never lost this skill)

Chasing her brother in her walker – 18 months old

Finally getting the concept of “putting in” – 20 months old

Learning to color – 29 months old

Hannah and Glee’s IceIceBaby – 30 months old

Hannah and her ball popper – 32 months old