Knight Rider Festival Fun!

Friday evening, our family was invited to join in the fun at the kick-off at the Knight Rider Festival here in Las Vegas this weekend.   We were thrilled to support this fundraiser, as we have directly benefited from the Children’s Miracle Network.

The festival was produced by the husband of an amazing mom I have met here in Vegas.  Their daughter, Jobyna, is about 6 months older than Hannah, and she has her own myriad of symptoms that they are working to try and understand.  She is also an absolute cutie!

I feel a total “You get it” connection with this mom.  It is so nice to be able to open up over a lunch date about what we are going through with Hannah, share resources here in town, and just dote on our daughters in a way that very few people can do.

Back to the festival…

We were invited to go back stage to hang out with the family as well as get to meet some of the celebrity VIPs that were participating in the event.

Hannah was not her usual social self, as she was just beyond exhausted since she had not taken her nap yet that day (and it was already almost 5 pm!).   We took a bunch of pictures, and every single one shows Hannah just not a happy camper.   She actually ended up falling asleep on Daddy’s shoulder soon after the event started.

Ethan was absolutely in awe of meeting Las Vegas Mayor Goodman, and he couldn’t believe that he was having a one-on-one conversation with him backstage.  The mayor enjoyed Ethan so much that he gave Ethan his VIP access pass to the event!   Ethan was so incredibly proud showing off this pass because he knew it was one of a kind.

Abby enjoyed watching the dancers and showgirls get ready to perform.  I think she was in love with the dancers outfits because they “looked so cool.”   It was really neat because one of the dancers turned out to be the mom of one of Abby’s school friends!

I think the most humorous part of the evening was when I had to force Ethan to take a picture with the dancers and showgirls backstage.   I mean, come on, what 10-year-old boy would not want to be surrounded by 7 or 8 beautiful woman!   I know someday he will thank me for this picture.

Then it was time for the show!

Since Hannah had already passed out, Daddy took her to the other end of the street.   Ethan, Abby, and I were front and center while Jobyna’s dad (and the show’s producer) brought out about 15 KITT cars and quite a few celebrities associated with both the 1980s show and the 2010 show!   Abby cracked me up because she was able to touch one of the cars, and she proclaims, “I’ll never wash this hand again!”

I loved that the kids were made to feel so special, being backstage and all, even though Ethan felt that because he had the mayor’s VIP all-access pass that he should be allowed to get into the KITT cars and also to go on stage!


The kids with Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and his showgirls!

Does life get any better than this for a 10-year-old boy?

Ethan and Abby front and center among a sea of KITT cars (and Ethan showing off Mayor Goodman's VIP pass!)