The Thrill of Momentum

Stealing Halloween candy wrappers, 2010 ~ "This works for me!"

I have met some incredible people over the past month or two who have shared their experiences with building a nonprofit here in Las Vegas.  Organizations such as Make a Wish, Cure 4 the Kids, Nathan Adelson Pediatric Hospice, etc., have all opened their arms and have agreed to work with us as partners in mission.  To have this kind of support, so early after our formation, is overwhelmingly positive.

But it doesn’t just stop with those organizations, but other people who we have reached out to have enthusiastically offered their support of Little Miss Hannah by way of hosting events for us, helping reach out to others to help spread our mission, and some incredibly exciting celebrity connections.

It has been so cathartic for me, so uplifting to be able to talk about Hannah, talk about Ethan and Abby, and share why our mission is so important to me.  And to see it responded to SO positively – not just a “oh, okay, that’s nice” but with such genuine acceptance is…it just is amazing.

Yesterday, I found myself needing to visit Hannah at the cemetery.  I still go at least once or twice a week, but yesterday I just HAD to go be with her.  I find that when so much good is going on with LMHF, by talking about her and LMHF so often, that it takes away from my “Me and Hannah” memories and moments.

I still need my “Me and Hannah” moments.  Even though I can’t get them physically, just being able to go to the cemetery and sit there alone with her helps bring things into focus, being able to just let go and cry and tell her how much I miss her, tell her what people are doing to help us spread her story.

My focus on LMHF has to remain on MY Hannah.  With so much excitement and with the foundation coming together as quickly as it is, my heart needs to keep being able to have my “me and Hannah” time.