Mission and Passion and Help

The birth of a legacy – the launch of the Little Miss Hannah Foundation

The countdown begins until the launch of our Little Miss Hannah Foundation on July 25th.

July 25th, what would have been Hannah’s 4th birthday.

We have been putting SO much work into the development of our foundation — from incorporation to nonprofit status to licenses and permits and all of the other business end of things.   I have learned SO much about what it takes to build a nonprofit.

I’m anxiously excited for our event on July 25th.   The people that have stepped up to support and participate in this event is just amazing.   We have a professional Las Vegas DJ providing music for the evening, popular kids groups donating their time and services such as Lego robotic building and a dance show (not at the same time.)   The District management group also has donated and helped in organizing – we are taking over their entire shopping courtyard!
Most of all, the enthusiastic friends and family members that I have working so hard, volunteering their time and energy to help me make the Little Miss Hannah Foundation into a reality.   They are going above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for.

But it the end, it comes down to awareness and fundraising.   I need to raise money in order to provide the services I want the LMHF to be able to provide.  In this economy, especially in Las Vegas, it is a rough feat to try and accomplish.  We have had a handful of amazing companies open their wallets to sponsor our event, thank goodness.   But we need more.

I am reaching out to all of you. Those who have followed our journey.   Those who have been touched by Hannah.   Those who believe that I can succeed in my mission for the LMHF.

We need personal and corporate sponsors for our event – $1000, $500, and $250 levels.
We need raffle items for our event – $50 retail value or more
Paypal or check donations  to go directly to provide services

My inspiration, my passion ~ Abby, Hannah, and Ethan. We miss you terribly baby girl!

I need your help.  Help to make this event a success.  There are so many families here with children fighting for their lives, going through the same journey as we did with Hannah.

Please help me, through our Little Miss Hannah Foundation, provide support and comfort for our local families who are faced with losing a child.  We can’t change their inevitability, but we can help them focus on enhancing the quality time they have with their ill child.   We can’t do it without your support.

I have been told I have a hard time asking for help.  But as a good friend keeps reminding me, “if you don’t ask for help, the answer will always be NO.”

So here I am.  Asking for help to create Hannah’s legacy, to make a change in this world.