GT23 Foundation – Gaucher’s Disease Type 2/3

GT23 Foundation - Gaucher's Disease Type 2/3 - Neuronopathic Gaucher's DiseaseI am very proud to support the new GT23 Foundation, an organization dedicated to make a REAL difference in the lives of Gaucher’s Disease Type 2/3 children. The focus is going to be working with innovative researchers to find a treatment for our Type 2/3 children, not necessarily a cure.

As my type 1 friends know, a quality treatment can provide a great quality of life. That is what we want for our Type 2/3 babies and children – more smiles, more hugs, and to have them enjoy more of their lives.

Whether you are type 1 or a parent of a type 2/3 child, we need our entire Gaucher community’s support. Personally, I have had such tremendous support from many of you with type 1 or kids with type 1. The information and love has been a godsend to me during my journey fighting for Hannah.

Please go to the foundation page, “like” it, and “share” it with others, especially those in the Gaucher community, regardless of what type of Gaucher. The hope is to be able to do for Gaucher type 2/3 what the wonderful National Gaucher Foundation has been able to do for type 1.