I’ve Had a Magic Spell Cast Over Me

My Valentine's gift from my hubby

My Valentine’s gift from my hubby

I was never a huge Disney fan growing up.  Disneyland was fun every once in a while, but I never really understood the “magic” of Disney until Hannah.   She seemed to embrace Mickey and Minnie when she was less than a year old and never wavered from that love of Disney magic.

Today, on Valentine’s Day, my hubby got me a Mickey and Minnie love-themed gift, which is very special to me (especially since we don’t exchange gifts on Vday).  To say I love this is such a dramatic understatement.   It is just perfect.

I’ve been hit by the Disney magic.

Every time I see something Mickey or Minnie related, I wish I could get it.  I find myself gravitating towards all the cute little trinkets, wishing I could purchase them all.  I have a few of the M & M pins that the kids were given as gifts for our Make-A-Wish trip.  I see all the various Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals that Hannah had collected in her life sitting just 10 feet away from my desk.

Hannah was buried with her favorite Minnie Mouse stuff doll.

I want to be surrounded by Mickey and Minnie.   It reminds me of Hannah, the happy version of Hannah who lit up so big when she met Mickey in person.   The Hannah that would sit and watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her big eyes and huge smile for episodes on end.

My Hannah, who was so exhausted one night but wouldn’t go to sleep, who found her Mickey Mouse and wouldn’t let him go.

I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse.