Texas CLASS, MDCP, and HCS programs

At the suggestion of Hannah’s developmental therapist, I called and got Hannah signed up for 3 Texas-based support programs.  The waiting list is incredibly long for these programs, but at least Hannah will be in the system. 

* CLASS (Community Living Assistance and Support Services):  Provides home and community-based services to adults and children with related conditions as a cost-effective alternative to ICF-MR/RC institutional placement. People with related conditions have a qualifying disability, other than mental retardation, which originated before age 22, that affects their ability to function in daily life.  Hannah’s place in the waitlist – #25,849 (approximately 12 years!)

* MDCP (Medically Dependent Children’s Program):  Provides services to support families caring for children and young adults who are medically dependent and to encourage de-institutionalization of children in nursing facilities.   Hannah’s place in the waitlist – #12×799 (approximately 9 years!)

* HCS (Home and Community Services):  Similar to MDCP, but more community based. 

The good thing about these programs now is that she will be in their system.  There will be other services that she will be or may be eligible for  that we could obtain much sooner (months rather than years) that would be very helpful, but we need to get “into the system” first!


  1. I know what your going through as my Daughter Melissa is now going through it as well with her son.Never before have we heard of it but looking at all the kids who do have it very sad.I got to your site by My Daughter posted it on here site so that is how i got here.I’m so sorry this has happened to any Mother or Father and we will pray together for all the little ones in the world.

  2. How disgustingly sad how long those waiting lists are, but at least Hannah IS in their system now. This would be enough to make me want to scream. Here’s the services, but wait, you have to be on the list 9 years before you get them. Incredible.

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  3. The waiting list for MDCP is long however there is a loophole that can get people into the program within a matter of weeks. I would ask about admitting her to a nursing home for 24hrs so you can by-pass the waiting list. My daughter is in the MDCP program and it’s a true lifesaver.

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  4. Yes, all of the waiting lists for Texas waiver programs are very long. But my daughter has been on MDCP for the past year. Thank God. Apparently, there was a lawsuit or something against the state because of the long wait times. Anyway, it forced Texas to expedite processing eligible children. That said, it still took my daughter six years waiting her turn before the state got “motivated”. MDCP is an excellent program. Remember, you have to use the respite if you want to keep the Medicaid services. But did you know that MDCP may pay for summer camp for special needs. It’s all based on how many hours your child is awarded by MDCP. We’re trying to request it now for our girl, so she can attend Camp C.A.M.P. BTW, Camp CAMP is a fantastic summer camp. But there’s also Camp Summit. However, the most important thing I wanted to mention is more than likely your child will become qualified for MDCP before CLASS comes available. Which is fine. Have her utilize MDCP for as long as possible and still stay on the CLASS waiting list. CLASS allocates more money for their clients. This is important because once your child turns 21, they LOSE a lot of benefits. I don’t know why, but its true. So, whatever kind of medical treatment, dental care and/or medical equipment or minor adjustments that are needed for your home, get them before she turns 21. I have been warned by so many parents, teachers, doctors, etc. about this issue. Lastly, be sure and apply for conservatorship for her when she turns 18. Otherwise, there are cases here in Texas where unscrupulous people have had special needs 18 year-olds sign away their rights. That means somebody else, besides you would be controlling the small income from SSI and making decisions about your loved one’s future. Scary, isn’t it. I don’t mean to frighten you but remember the old saying. “Fore warned means fore armed.” Good luck and God bless you and your princess.