Fox 5 interview – here it is!!

Of course, I am horribly critical of myself, but I think I did a decent job on this interview (but boy do I look old and tired in this 4-minute piece!).   I haven’t figured out how to embed it in here yet, but hopefully I can get a digital copy of it so I can upload it to youtube so I can keep it forever.


Here are some screenshots.   Hannah was even more squirmy and unhappy than I remembered.  If people who saw this video realized that Hannah is mostly smiling and happy and rarely do we get such a sad little girl!   But then again, she just wasn’t feeling great today with her stomach bug plus waking up at 5 am (2 hours earlier than normal).



  1. OMGoodness…where do I sign up for the “Carrie for Mom of the Year” award! Way to rock it mama!

  2. I agree… I am sooo humbled by Carrie. With all you have going on, to have the energy and wherewithal to help organize these events…I am just blown away!

  3. Denise says:

    You were amazing!

    Denise WI

  4. You were perfect! You got the message out there clearly and articulately. And, you were also there for Hannah at the same time! You’re amazing Mom!

  5. Fabulous interview. It’s so amazing that you can communicate all of that information and be so attentive to Hannah at the same time. I hope these events bring lots of recognition and funding.