We are going to Disney World!

Going to Disney World!

This was the letter I put in each of their envelopes to let them know we are on our way to Disney!

Thanks to a fantastic, wonderful Make-A-Wish volunteer, we got our approval for Disney World and Give Kids the World bright and early this morning.  To say I was excited is an understatement.   Just knowing that we are getting the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a week together with no homework, no therapies or doc appointments, no daily stresses — PRICELESS!

So I whipped together a letter for Ethan and Abby (the one on the left), and I addressed an envelope to each of them.  I gave them the letters when they got home.  Since I put their full addresses on the envelope, they didn’t realize it was from me (smart mom, huh?).

They both started opening them, and Ethan (being older) read it immediately and started silently screaming and jumping up and down.  It took Abby about a minute to get hers open and actual read the words, but once she did, she looked at me and said, “Is this for real?  Are you sure we are going?”   She really didn’t believe it.

Once I told her that we really were going, she started jumping up and down with Ethan and talking a million miles an hour to each other.  Hannah was right there with us, and she had a huge grin because they were so animated and probably looked very funny to her!

We did make a promise to Abby that we would celebrate her birthday (which is coming up in a couple of weeks) at Disney World because we just can’t put together a big party for her this year.   So now that Disney World is a ‘go,’ we are going to have a park party for her birthday with just a few of her friends and let her celebrate her birthday at Disney at every single meal and every single ride.

I remember when we did Ethan’s 3rd birthday at Disneyland, and he got a button that he wore on his shirt.  He must have had 100 people wish him a happy birthday!

Can you imagine that kind of treatment for 7 days?  Yay Abby!

Now the planning begins.   We are meeting with our MAW volunteers in a couple of weeks to go over logistics, but I’m just so excited our family gets this opportunity.   We would never be able to pull off a trip like this on our own with Hannah in the condition she is in these days.

Abby has only one request in her planning.  Matching Minnie Mouse and Disney princess/fairy dresses for her and Hannah!  (Goes along with her wanting matching sundresses for her and Hannah this summer).

An amazing, amazing, amazing gift!



  1. YAAAAAAY!!!!! I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes! I am so happy and moved by Abby’s desire, in spite of it being her birthday, to make things about Hannah! You have 2 amazing little girls, Carrie! (And, amazing boys too. ;) LOVE AND CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Tears for me too! Just so happy for you all. What a wonderful and unforgettable gift for your whole family. Abby sounds so precious…what a thoughtful and sweet sister she is!

  3. So happy and excited for you!! You all deserve this magical respite!!

  4. I am so happy to hear this. You guys just have a great time and enjoy being a family.