Minnie Mouse and learning opposites

Ethan giving Hannah a “lesson” in opposites while playing with her new Mickey that the Make-A-Wish grant volunteers gave her. She loves it!

What is really exciting about this video is that not only are her movements lessened since the increase in her Klonopin, but she actually reaches out to grab Minnie Mouse during this video which is something she has not tried to do in a very long time! She will always reach for things down low in front of her and stationary, but she really wanted Minnie and reached her arms out and up.


  1. susan mcfeely says:

    Wow! My heart “SWELLED” when I saw this video of Hannah and Ethan! What a wonderful brother she has,and how animated he was in teaching her the opposites with her favourite MINNIE as a prop! What a great kid he is!!
    You and Bobby have truly instilled a lot of goodness in both Ethan and Abby, you are wonderful parents! I truly enjoyed watching how happy Hannah looked, it really made my day! Thank you for sharing.