Run and play, Cooper Knight!

Cooper passed away last night

I’ve mentioned him a number of times over the past year.  He was Hannah’s therapy friend in Texas.  His mom has been a huge support on so many levels.  Many times when Hannah had PT at Texas Children’s, he would have OT (we had the same OT).  He was an adorable and sweet boy who dealt with his medical condition (mito depletion syndrome) better than anyone I ever knew.    My gosh, the pain this boy suffered due to his conditions, yet still just wanted to play with his duckie and his toys.

My heart is breaking right now.  There is a bit of me that is relieved that he is no longer in pain, but it had to come at the cost of him leaving his parents and three siblings as well as an entire community that loved him.

I keep going back to what a good friend said to me after her son passed away.   That now he can run and play and is not held back by his broken body anymore.   I find myself repeating this mantra so often during times like this.  Maybe it has become my way of dealing with it so it hurts just a tad bit less.

They just got back from the Disney World Make-A-Wish trip.  I keep thinking, thank goodness they had that time together to make those amazing memories.   Once in a lifetime memories and pictures that will always be cherished.

Cooper Knight.  I picture him running, driving his jeep, playing in the clouds with one of his best friends, Samuel, who passed away in September.



  1. susan mcfeely says:

    Oh dear God Carrie I am so very sorry to hear of this very sad news. I am in tears and I do not even know this family , I cant imagine what they must be going through right now. My heart aches for them and my prayers go out to the whole family. God bless them all and help them to get through this very difficult time!

  2. Thank you for sharing!! I am just broken hearted–but I am so glad that you and Sarah met, that the kids knew each other. I was so privileged to be a support match for both of you and both Cooper and Hannah & their incredible moms are so very dear to me!! Love & hugs friend!

  3. My thoughts & heart are with Cooper and his family. :'(

  4. Such sad news… I believe you’re right in the way you think of him now. So sorry to hear that.