A Mile Begins with the First Step

Sitting upright all on her own for almost 3 minutes!

We finally got Hannah’s leg braces in on Wednesday late afternoon.   So we took them to physical therapy yesterday so we can start working with them.

For the fourth session in a row (second at the clinic), Hannah had a FANTASTIC physical therapy session.   She worked incredibly hard, didn’t throw a tantrum (until she was exhausted, which was at the 45-minute mark).  She did great!   Especially since her PT put her new braces on her legs.  She didn’t even really fuss!

Her PT worked on getting Hannah to sit up on a bench without any back support.  All she did was hold down her feet, and Hannah was able to steady herself on the bench in the seated position for almost 3 minutes at a time.  This is amazing for her!   It is incredible what having complete leg support can do for her.   She hasn’t been able to balance on a seat by herself for any length of time for many months.

Look who is standing up!

Then, we worked on having Hannah stand up.  Yep, my girl was standing up!   She was completely supported by her PT, but Hannah did all of the work.  Before her braces, she would only be able to stand up for about 5 seconds because her ankles would roll almost immediately and dramatically.   Now that her ankles were completely supported as well as her legs, she stood up and played with the toy for a few minutes, multiple times!

I was so so so so proud of her.  She really worked hard, and this is so wonderful for her tone.   She has lost so much tone and balance since her hospitalization last summer that I didn’t expect her to be able to get to this point so quickly.   She really wants the mobility, you can see it in her determination!

I cannot wait until we get the stander (whenever the heck that may be) because using the braces with the stander is going to be the ultimate best thing in the world for her body!


  1. That is so amazing Carrie! Any word on the stander? I did ask my aunt if they had any outgrown equipment, but unfortunately they borrow all of their stuff from that place I was telling you about. It’s too bad you don’t have something like Mathew’s Lending Library in your area. It is literally down the street from me. She did say that the last insert for her daughter’s wheelchair may fit inside your stroller so she could sit upright better, but hasn’t received it back from the wheelchair place. If she can get it back, and you want it, I would be happy to send it to you. Just let me know.

  2. It warms my heart to see Hannah doing all of these things. I know it makes her happy to be able to do these things too. Keep up the good work:)