Hannah stands!

She stands...and is smiling!

We finally got the temporary stander today.   Ours is still “on order,” but after four months, they found one for us to borrow until ours comes in.

Hannah took to it immediately!   She stood over 15 minutes without any fuss or fight, which is a heck of a lot longer than she ever did on the trial stander in PT.  Obviously be in her home atmosphere is HUGE for her!   We tested her out at the different heights where she can either stand upright for maximum benefit or if she is tired, we can lower it a bit so she doesn’t have to work as hard.

I will admit it caught me off guard to see how tall she really is now!  I think at last check, she was just shy of 36 inches.  But seeing her standing there, comfortably for quite a bit, was just awesome.

Our home PT from early intervention is coming by on Thursday to put us into a schedule so we can build up time without stressing her out.  Between the stander and the braces, she has taken to all of this in stride!   The key, it seems, is to do everything at home LOL!


  1. Yay Hannah!!!

  2. susan mcfeely says:

    Whoop Dee Doo you go girl Hannah!!!! So delighted to watch that video she looks soooo comfortable and happy! Glad you finally got that even if its a loaner for now!!!

  3. xoxoxo go HAnnah!!!