Moment of True Happiness

I had a dream with Hannah in it last night.  A good dream.

I’ve been waiting for her to come into my dreams, just wanting to be able to spend time with her.   All I have had are pictures, videos, and memories … but nothing new.

The only dreams that I have had involving her are bad dreams about those final days and hours that she passed, sometimes reliving it, sometimes my dreams recreate various versions of losing her.  Most of the dreams are life after she had passed – even feeling the grief and loss in my dreams.

Until last night.

All three of my kids, Daddy, and I were at some kind of park or festival or something.   I was sitting on a bench against a wall with a tree shading us.   Hannah was standing in between my legs, holding on because she wasn’t able to stand alone.  She was in a playful mood.  She seemed a bit taller, but not much.  I guess she was probably the height of what she would be if she was still here today.    She was wearing a red sweater.

There was nothing exciting or dramatic going on.  It was just me and Hannah hanging out on a bench.   I can’t even remember any specifics of what we did.

It was such a quick moment.  I wish it was a longer dream or a more involved story.

But I was happy.  Truly happy.  Something I haven’t felt in a long time.




  1. So happy that you got to see your girl in your dreams! (hug)