Grey’s Gift — Texas, support a common-sense law!

This is a guest post from Nicole, Greyson’s mom.  Greyson lost his battle with Krabbes disease a few months ago at 11 months old.  His life could have been saved if the state of Texas screened Greyson at birth for Krabbes.  He could have been treated, and he would still be here today if he was!  Greyson’s parents are fighting to get the Texas newborn screening laws changed.  They need our help!

HB 1795 passed unanimously in the House today!

However, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst placed it on the Intent calendar in the Senate due to it’s fiscal note, which now includes CF. He has decided to put it up for debate on the Senate floor tomorrow. Please show your support of SB1720-Greyson’s Law by emailing or calling Lt. Gov. Dewhurst before 11 am.

 You can contact his policy advisor at: